The Heckel Firm - Information and History

Official Company History

The company's official history can be found on their company history page.

Factory Location

The factory is located at 7 Stettiner Straße, Wiesbaden Germany. Click here to see a map of the location.

Instrument Production

Listing and Explanations

At different times, the Heckel Company has produced bassoons, contrabassoons, Heckelphones (they invented this instrument), clarinets, clarins, Heckelphon-clarinets, basset horns, saxophones, flutes, oboes, oboe d´amores and English horns. According to the family:

Model Numbers

Heckel has used model numbers to designate types of instruments. The complete model designation consisted of a numeric model number followed by an optional series of alphabetic modifiers which indicated variations in the basic instrument model. For example, a model 17 was (is?) a Boehm system clarinet, and a model 17es is the same instrument extended to low Eb.

The following is a list of model numbers and instruments listed in their 100th Anniversary Catalog (1931):

Model #Instrument
1Piccolo Clarinet (in Ab or G)
2Clarinet (in Eb, D or C)
5Clarinet (in Bb or A)
7Clarinet (in Bb or A)
10Clarinet (in Bb or A)
11Clarinet (in Bb or A)
14Clarinet Part-Boehm (in Bb)
16Clarinet Boehm (in Bb or A)
17Clarinet Boehm (in Bb or A)
18Alto Clarinet (in F), the Heckelphone-Clarinet in Bb and the Bassethorn
19Bass Clarinet (in Bb)
20Contrabass Clarinet (in Bb)
21Flute-German system (long foot joint)
23Flute-German system (long midjoint)
24Flute-German system d'amore in A
32Piccolo-German system
36Heckelphone (in Eb, F and C); also the Musette (in F)
37Oboe d'amore
38English Horn
41Bassoon-German system
42Bassoon-German system with French system left thumb
43Contrabassoon-German system
44Contrabassoon-German system with French system left thumb
91Saxophone-Sopranino in Eb
92Saxophone-Soprano in Bb
93Saxophone-Alto in Eb
94Saxophone-Melody in C
95Saxophone-Tenor in Bb
96Saxophone-Baritone in Eb
100Heckel-Clarina (in Bb and Eb)

Family Tree

Company Logo

For many years Heckel has used a logo which shows a line-drawn globe with the inscription HECKEL and BIEBRICH around the globe (Biebrich is the area in Weisbaden where the factory is located). The globe also has a bassoon "laying" across it diagonally, with the boot in the "Southeast" corner and the bell in the "Northwest" corner.

When Angelika (Reiter) Luccetta and Ralf Reiter began controlling some of the company's functions (circa 1993) they decided that changing the bassoon to "lay" from "Southwest" to "Northeast" was a change they wanted to make. The logo now has this new look.

On the company's website there is a company logo with an actual Heckel bassoon "across the globe". Company sources state that they believe that they recall that this instrument's serial number is somewhere around 14300.

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