Heckel Bassoon 10285

last updated Tue, 21 Apr 2020 21:52:17 GMT


Divided long joint. Rollers between right thumb B♭ and pancake; pancake and F♯. Left Thumb C♯ to A; A to C and rollers between low d and c. Also the standard rollers E♭ to D♭ and F to A♭.


Instrument built for the West Deutscher Rundfunk; stamped <i>WDR</i> on the boot cap. Originally shipped with no High D.

Known owners: 2

Observed Sales Listings:
  • (11/1984) undefined
Known servicing:
  • Marcus. - Marcus tubes. High E and right hand D-E♭ trill key added
  • Carl Sawicki. - High D added