Heckel Bassoon 11534/1

Description High D and E keys. Sterling silver finger hole tubes tuned by Hans Moennig. Thumb Ab/Bb Trill Key. Left Little Finger Whisper Key. Right Hand Eb Trill Key with Offset C# Trill Key. Low C#/D# Trill Key. Articulated High G#/A Key. Right Hand Slide Whisper Key Lock. High A to Whisper Key Connection with Roller. Rollers on Right Thumb Bb and F#, Low D and C, Whisper Key and C# Key. Right Little Finger F# (wide), Left hand Eb and Db, Right hand F and Ab.
History Used by the Principal Bassoonist of the Detroit Symphony. Overhauled and had all the keys silver plated with new pads by Keith Bowen.
Known Sales
  • 10/2005 at IDRS