Heckel Bassoon 11935/6

Description Model 41i, High D and E, low C#/D# rollers, G# ring. Silver plated metal. Both bores boot joint rubber lined. Ab/Bb trill right hand without extra tone hole (with swich on Bb mechanism, trill with Finger 3, with Ab fingering + Bb key right thumb) Whisper key lock-No 3 type for left thumb (rotating). Brass rings and sockets on all joints. Extra braces for long rods (C#, whisper key, low B).
History Originally shipped from Heckel to Sidney, Australia. Spent some time in Chiba, a town near Tokyo. A silver plated balance hanger (not a Heckel model) was added by Maarten Vonk in 2005.
Known Sales
  • 01/1988 at undefined
  • 04/2005 at undefined