Heckel Bassoon 12636

Description Palisander wood. Left hand: D/Eb trill, Hi E and F, Low C# thumb key (for C#/D# trill), extra low C touch to the right of Low D, whisper lock, Rollers: whisper/C#, A, D/C, C/B, B/Bb. Right hand: Ab/Bb trill key, low E/F# articulated trill, B/C# articulated trill, hi G/Ab 1st finger trill (extra hole, like F#/G), all right thumb rollers and F# pinky.
Known Sales
  • 01/1985 at undefined
  • 01/2003 at brainplanet.com
  • 04/2003 at IDRS
  • 08/2005 at bassoon.org
  • 09/2006 at netinstruments.com