Heckel Bassoon 12726

Description Nickel plating. High f, high e, and f# trill all moved down one finger (e-f# between II/III), Eb trill right hand with displaced C#, a G# ring mechanism, A-whisper bridge, Ab/Bb trill with clutch (no extra hole), french whisper key. Large side of the butt joint is lined with rubber, sterling silver tubes, brass tennon rings and reciever for the long joint, extra lever for whisper key above Bb thumb lever, low C#-D# trill with extra C3 tone hole and key next to Eb key, E-F connection for right thumb, long joint is 4mm longer on the top (between the low E and D), right thumb whisper lock, and all rollers except for the one on the A key.
Known Sales
  • 01/1997 at undefined