Heckel Bassoon 4705

last updated Tue, 21 Apr 2020 21:52:18 GMT


The instrument has a large bore, much larger than almost any other 4000 series bassoon; it's dimensions are much closer to a modern instrument than any of its neighbors in the 4000 series. Also, it has much thicker walls. The instrument is walnut-colored and has the original ivory ring on the bell. The long joint has a modern, rounded cross-section.


; completed in January of 2000. Used for many years in the Bergen Philharmonic in Bergen, Norway. Also used in the Contemporary Chamber Composers and Players.

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Observed Sales Listings:
  • (02/2000) undefined
Known servicing:
  • (1/2000) undefinedRestored by Keith Bowen. Work included adding high-D and high-E keys, in addition to new laquer and complete silver replating. The old F♯ mechanism, which closed also the low-E key using a special bridge linkage, was replaced and the tone hole resized to suit modern specifications. Also, Keith added keys with rollers for C♯/D♯ and F♯/G♯.
  • Heckel - Whisper key added