Heckel Bassoon 12039/3

last updated Thu, 16 Apr 2020 22:54:46 GMT


Maple, red finish with a sterling bell ring. Keywork has double silver plate. Sterling silver tone hole inserts. Fully lined boot. Rollers on boot--F/A♭/F♯ (broad F♯ key), B♭/E, E/F♯, F♯/A♭. Left Hand thumb rollers on whisper key, C♯, high a and low D/C/B. High e between I/II. E/F♯ trill on wing joint between II/III. C♯/ trill. C♯/D♯ trill on the long joint (their model B). A♭/B♭ trill. E♭ trill right forefinger with a displaced C♯. Right hand ratcheting whisper key lock (their model VIIa at the time). Regulating screws on whisper key, low B, D, F♯, G, E/F♯ trill. G♯ ring mechanism. Second C plate for left thumb. Strengthing rings on joints. Balance hanger.


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