Heckel Bassoon 12046

last updated Tue, 21 Apr 2020 20:53:04 GMT


Short long joint with extra piece between it and bell (Gentleman's model). Low B♭ and B keys above low C key instead of normal position. Low C♯ playable either with normal key or with low E♭ key (two holes). Cuciureanu system low C and D for right thumb (added later). Low E key closes low F key with linkage. Linkage for A♭-B♭ trill without extra key. Thumb A♭ key raised up for easier access (added later). Automatic whisper key lock on key itself. Larger than normal C♯ key. Extra hole and ring for first finger of right hand to play high A♭ and A with F key (also for several trills). High A and C keys close whisper key. High A key linked to C♯ key. High F key. High E key between I and II. High E♭/E-F♯ triller between II and III. D-E♭ triller for first finger of right hand. C-D♭ triller between right hand I and II. Rollers: low C and D, Low C♯ and E♭, thumb B♭ and F♯ (but not low E), F and A♭, little finger F♯, C♯ (but not whisper key). Finger hole tubes extending into the bore. Solid silver keys (very heavy) except for added Cuciureanu keys and raised thumb A♭. Mechanism for end pin on boot cup.