Heckel Bassoon 12262/6

last updated Tue, 21 Apr 2020 19:28:35 GMT


Red mahogany finish, silver plated. High D and E key. A♭/B♭ trill, D/E♭ trill for right hand index finger, C♯ trill displaced downward. Second bell for Low A, keyed for left thumb. Both bells German shape with metal ring. Racheting whisper key lock for right thumb.


Due to a sale, the Low A bell has become separated from the bassoon.

Known owners: 2

Observed Sales Listings:
  • (06/2007) bassoon.org
Known servicing:
  • Heckel - Full restoration after being in a flood.
  • Carl Sawicki - Sealing services


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Front of Wing

Back of Wing

Front of Boot

Back of Boot

Back of Long joint

Front of Long joint


Low A Bell

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Close-up of Boot joint