Heckel Bassoon 7910/5

last updated Thu, 16 Apr 2020 22:55:27 GMT


Known owners: 2

Observed Sales Listings:
  • (3/2015) ebay.com (Washington state, US)
  • (2/2017) ebay.com (Washington state, US)


In case

Front of Boot

Boot label

Other label on boot

Boot label 2

Right fingers holes/keys

Right little finger cluster

Low F detail

Front A♭ detail

Front A♭ detail 2

Boot rear label

U-Tube front

Boot back neck strap ring

Right thumb keys

Right thumb keys 2

Boot rear B♭ and F♯ keys

G key detail

G key and U-tube rear

Side of boot

Side of boot 2

Side of boot 3

Side of boot 4

Side of boot 5

Side of U-Tube

Side2 of boot

Side2 of boot 2

Side2 of boot 3

Side2 of boot 4

Side2 of boot 5

Side2 of U-tube

Top of whisper key

Side of wing

Side of wing 2

Side of wing 3

Side of wing 4

Side of wing 5


Bell label

Back of boot

Left finger holes

Back of long joint

Label on long joint

Close-up of label on long joint

Side of long joint

Serial Number

U-tube and serial number

Wing joint

Back of wing joint

Front of wing joint