Heckel Bassoon 9727/4

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Model 41i, Muccetti system, black, nickel plated, metal tubes, A♭/B♭ Trill, D/E♭ trill and complete roller set right and left hands.


Professionally played for 20+ years in Teatro "La Fenice" di Venezia, then the "Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana" di ROMA and "Orchestra Sinfonica NAZIONALE della RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana" a Torino.

Known owners: 1

Observed Sales Listings:
  • (06/2006) undefined
Known servicing:
  • (2/2001) undefinedRestored by Heckel



Bell again

Bell label

Front of boot

Close-up of front of boot

Back of boot

Back of boot again

Top of boot


U-Tube again

Front of wing

Back of wing

Close-up of wing

Label on wing

Front of wing and long joint

Back of wing and long joint

Back of long joint

Side of long joint

Right thumb area