Heckel Bassoon 9980/6

last updated Thu, 16 Apr 2020 22:55:39 GMT


Ivory ring B♭ bell, Metal-ring Low A bell. Low A key for left thumb and left pinky. Low C♯-D♯ trill, extra low C♯ hole and key, rollers on thumb C/D, pinky C♯/D♯ Low E-F linkage (permanent), A♭-B♭ trill (extra hole - no extra touch). Thumb whisper key touch, whisper key lock (forefinger). G♯ ring mechanism (forefinger), E♭ trill touch (forefinger, hole on wing joint). Relocated alt C♯ touch (very short, under forefinger), rollers on thumb F♯; pinky F, F♯, A♭; ring finger G. Hole for balance hangar. E♭ trill (between II and III, extra touch on boot, pinky whisper touch (inboard of all other keys), high D, high E


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Left hand finger holes

Right hand finger holes

Back of boot and bell

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